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Jerusalem Avenue Schoolhouse

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The Jerusalem School District is one of the oldest in New York State. The one-room schoolhouse built in 1876 still stands, with the addition of two rooms in 1920. The school was attended on a regular basis until 1945 by a total of 37 elementary school pupils and had been used sporadically in emergency situations until the 1960s.

The original portion of the building has a brick foundation, clapboard, plaster walls with a wood lathe, wood floors, and a decorative tin ceiling. In 1890, the budget for the year totaled $815, which included: teacher, $150; janitor, $50; fuel, $24.88; Income received from the Town Treasurer was $167.69; Supervisor, $148.18; to be raised by taxes, $308.09. The Levittown School District now includes three high schools, six junior highs, and nine elementary schools, all built from 1947 to 1960, after Levittown came into being in 1947.

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