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Seaside Lodge Number 260 Odd Fellows Hall

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The Odd Fellows Hall has been restored and now contains offices and retail stores. The handsome three-story structure displays a sign reading "The American Bake Shop" evident in a 1920s postcard, suggesting that the ground floor contained retail shops when the structure was first built. Lodge Brothers of Seaside Lodge Number 260, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, have a proud history which they want to be preserved along with their building at 148 Doughty Boulevard, Inwood.

Chartered in 1887, the Seaside Lodge is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the area. The cornerstone of this wonderful three-story example of classical lodge architecture was laid in 1911 and the building was completed in 1912.

Designed by architect Marcus Christensen, a Past Grand Brother, it has an elaborate pressed tin dentilated cornice and Gothic-style windows on the third floor. The interior boasts 18-foot ceilings. Masonry detailing includes the use of granite in the band cornice and the sills and window details, and Gothic window mullions.

The organization, which has its roots in England, acquired the name of "Odd Fellows" because native Londoners of that time found it "odd" that a group of energetic young men was dedicating a substantial amount of their leisure time to charitable work.

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