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Seaford Historical Society Museum

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The building that currently houses the Seaford Historical Society originally served as a school when it was built in 1893. It has since been moved twice. It has also housed a fire department during its long history.

The Union Free School District in Seaford, a lively village of 500 residents in 1893, voted $3,500 that year for the construction of a school. The building, originally constructed on Jackson and Waverly Avenues, served as a school until 1917 when the school board decided that the district had outgrown its present quarters.

Since the school district had plans to construct a larger, brick building, it turned over the wooden structure to the fire company. The wooden school was then moved from the southwest corner of Jackson and Waverly Avenues to the opposite corner, on the southeast of Waverly and Southard.

The building was used as a firehouse from 1919 to 1975 when the fire company outgrew it. The building was then donated to the Seaford Historical Society for use as a museum and was then moved closer to its original site.

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