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Jones / Dengler Farm House

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Built-in the 1700s, this house was home to the Jones family during the 1800s and was later purchased by the Dengler family. The original section was expanded in 1875 to the structure it is today. When brothers Fred and Peter married their respective wives, it was converted into a two-family house where both couples entered through individual side doors.

Rumor has it that comedian Lenny Bruce ran away from home at age 16 and worked on the Dengler farm from 1941 to 1943. Representing true colonial design and plantation style, the home is simplistic in its color scheme; that is, a white clapboard exterior with dark green shutters and molding on the windows.

Some of the home's original features include handmade iron hardware on the doors, exposed beams and pressed tin ceilings, as well as a handmade chimney. Throughout the home, two-button light switches, along with some gas pipes that extend from the walls, can be found. The gas light fixtures were updated to electric in only one section. Fred Dengler passed away in 1973, and his wife re-married in 1983.

Source: Seaford/Wantagh Patch

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