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Jackson House

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The Jackson house was built circa 1644. Robert Jackson, who was one of the founders of the Town of Hempstead, served as Magistrate of the Township, and later was elected a delegate to the Duke's Laws Convention in 1665. The laws formulated by this body became the basis for many legal codes later established throughout the country.

The original portion of the house was built circa 1644. The main house was added circa 1785. In 1858, an existing house in Wantagh was moved to the site and combined with the 1785 structure.

The home that Jackson built was a Federal-style building. Utilizing an L-shape, it faced south in order to catch the sun and heat. The original beehive oven used for baking is still in existence, as is the witches curve chimney, which was curved to stop downdrafts and improve the chimney's structural support. The original pegged beams, wide pine floors with handmade nails, and carved mantles are also still in place.

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