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Geischen Manor

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This Victorian home is representative of the architecture popular during the post-Civil War period. Built circa 1870, and containing many Italianate features, the house was owned by James Wright. Among the original features of this lovely yellow clapboard house are gingerbread woodwork, stained glass windows, a wraparound porch, French doors, a gazebo, and a barn. Still standing on its original plot, the house appears on the legend of an 1870 map of the town known as Christian Hook (Oceanside).

Elsie Geischen, who lived in the house for over 50 years, was a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the Oceanside community. Before moving to Oceanside, Elsie and her mother raised prize-winning pedigree Calico and Siamese cats. Elsie traveled all over the United States with her felines and was featured on the cover of several magazines and newspapers.

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