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Charles A. Frisch House

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The Charles A. Frisch House is an example of a classic Victorian-style home built from 1909 to 1910. The owner/Builder, Charles A. Frisch, was a local developer and entrepreneur with roots tied to the development of Bellmore (Smithville South) and the High Hill Beach Area. News of Mr. Frisch and his family seems to have been a staple in the "South Side Messenger" and the "Nassau County Review", where reports of his business dealings were regularly reported. 

At one time Mr. Frisch received contracts to build bungalows at High Hill Beach on the property of "The Sportsman" which would later become known as "Savages Hotel and Casino." He also bought and operated the Hotel Clarkson, located at the intersection of Newbridge Road and Bellmore Avenue. Properties belonging to Mr. Frisch and that of the Clarkson Hotel are clearly identified in the 1914 Atlas of Nassau County printed by the E Belchor-Hyde Company.

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