What about my curbing?

As it is with sidewalks, the responsibility for maintaining curbing rests with the property owner. To assist property owners with the repairs, property owners can have their curbs repaired using a payment program similar to the Sidewalk Repair Program. If you are interested, please send a letter asking for a measurement of your curb. Accordingly, we will forward a sketch and letter showing the total footage that needs replacement and the cost. Simply sign the letter showing your approval and we will make arrangements for the repairs to be made.

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1. How long do I have to repair my sidewalks?
2. Under what code am I required to complete this?
3. What is the enclosed sketch?
4. If I opt to complete the work myself, how do I notify the town upon completion?
5. If I opt to have the Town of Hempstead complete my sidewalks, what is the procedure?
6. When will the town contractor complete my repairs, and do they work year round?
7. Who is the town contractor?
8. Does the town have a payment plan program?
9. How does the payment program work?
10. Can I pay the town contractor directly?
11. What about my curbside trees?
12. What about my curbing?