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Posted on: May 6, 2022

Hempstead Town, Toyota Showcase Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles at Town Energy Park

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Building on Hempstead Town’s long history of environmental sustainability initiatives, Supervisor Don Clavin welcomed a new generation of hydrogen powered vehicles to the township’s Renewable Energy Park in Point Lookout.  The vehicles, manufactured and sold by Toyota, are representative of a future class of automobiles that will operate on clean, emission free hydrogen – a fuel source that is produced at the Renewable Energy Park.  Joining Supervisor Clavin to welcome the vehicles to Point Lookout was Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr., Councilman Thomas Muscarella, Councilman Christopher Carini, Councilwoman Melissa Miller, Town Clerk Kate Murray and Receiver of Taxes Jeanine C. Driscoll.

 “The Town of Hempstead is proud to work collaboratively with partners in industry to promote green and sustainable energy resources both here in America’s largest township and across the country,” said Clavin.   “Our hometown has long been a trendsetter, and I am excited to connect hydrogen powered vehicles produced by Toyota with our renewable energy park, and the hydrogen fueling station located within it.”

Clean energy is the cornerstone of Hempstead Town’s long-term planning, including the township’s Vision 2040 Initiative spearheaded by the Clavin Administration.  A key component of the initiative is having all vehicles in the municipal fleet powered by clean energy – a goal the Town is striving to achieve by the year 2040.  Hydrogen is slated to be a major source of clean, emission free energy, which is why the Renewable Energy Park includes a hydrogen fueling station.

The green hydrogen found at the fueling station is produced by splitting h20 into water and hydrogen, using electricity from wind power via a turbine located at the energy park.  This hydrogen production is done without using any fossil fuels, and producing no harmful emissions.  What’s more, the excess wind from the turbine is even used to power other Town facilities – allowing even more township operated facilities to run on clean energy.

The hydrogen fueling station located at the Town’s Renewable Energy Park connects America’s largest township with a national network of hydrogen infrastructure utilized by the hydrogen-powered Toyota vehicles.  Indeed, the arrival of these hydrogen powered vehicles to the Town of Hempstead demonstrates that America’s largest township is prepared to lead communities into the future of clean energy while setting the standard for towns and cities across the country.

“I am grateful to live and work in such a forward thinking municipality, and I look forward to continue the work of the Town as we seek to ensure we are a great green community,” said Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby.

 “Preparing for the future is a hallmark of good government, and I am committed to working collaboratively with my Town Board colleagues to make the Town of Hempstead a shining example of renewable energy,” said Councilman Anthony D’Esposito.

“Environmental sustainability is critical to ensuring our hometown will remain a great place to live, work and raise a family which is why I am so incredibly proud of our Renewable Energy Park and the partnerships it has spawned,” said Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. 

“Seeking out and establishing partnerships with stakeholders at all levels has led our township to this point, and I look forward to helping connect the Town of Hempstead with additional partners in industry to foster stronger ties with the green energy movement,” said Councilman Thomas Muscarella.

“I am ecstatic that the Town of Hempstead remains at the forefront of renewable energy production, and I look forward to working to realize our Vision 2040 initiative that will see our carbon footprint further reduced and our environment further protected,” said Councilman Christopher Carini.

 “The Town of Hempstead is really the gold standard in renewable energy when it comes to municipal governments, and this Renewable Energy Park is a palpable example of our commitment to a clean, green future,” said Councilwoman Melissa Miller.

“I am proud of the hard work it took to plan and create this wonderful Renewable Energy Park, along with the many positive projects that have since revolved around it,” said Town Clerk Kate Murray.   “Throughout my time in Town government, I have been proud to help spearhead these green projects, including the implementation of the hydrogen fueling station here along the Town’s South Shore.”

“I am grateful to stand in solidarity with my Town of Hempstead colleagues as we work together to make this Township the green capital of America,” said Receiver of Taxes Jeanine C. Driscoll.

 Working with partners in industry such as Toyota and National Grid, the Town of Hempstead is seeking additional opportunities to implement green, emission free technology at facilities across the township.

“The Town of Hempstead will continue making strategic investments in green infrastructure to ensure we remain at the forefront of the “Green Century,” said Clavin.  “Our commitment to conservation extends to the vehicles our public servants drive, the energy that powers our facilities, and our mindsets when it comes to how we approach safeguarding our planet.  I am happy we are able to partner with Toyota and National Grid on this great project, and I look forward to seeking additional opportunities to connect our township with the national green energy network.”    

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