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Cedar Creek Park Trail
3340 Merrick Road
Seaford, NY 11783
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Phone: 516-571-7470
Information: A trail that leads to the Jones Beach Bike Path along Wantagh Parkway. Trail entrance is after Parking Lot Number 3 on the right. Hours: Open dawn to dusk year-round.
Eisenhower Park
1899 Park Boulevard
Westbury, NY 11590
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Phone: 516-572-0348
Information: Bicycle trails throughout the park from any parking field. Hours: Open sunrise to sunset year-round.
Jones Beach (Ellen Farrant Memorial Bikeway)
Phone: 516-785-1600
Location: Starts at Cedar Creek Park, Wantagh. Information: An 8-mile trail that runs along the Wantagh State Parkway and continues another 10 miles into Suffolk County as part of the Coastal Greenway. There is a bike parking area on the east side of the East Bath House. Hours: Open 7 am to dusk year-round.
Mill Pond Park (Adam D. Rand Memorial Trail)
Location: Merrick Road, Wantagh. Information: A one-mile bicycle trail around the pond. Hours: Open sunrise to sunset year-round.
North Woodmere Park Trail
750 Hungry Harbor Road
Valley Stream, NY 11581
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Phone: 516-571-7800
Information: A measured mile bicycle trail around the park. Hours: Open 8 am to 10 pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Open 8 am to dusk September through March.
Valley Stream State Park Trail
Phone: 516-825-4128
Location: Southern State Parkway exit 15A, Valley Stream. Information: A 1.5-mile bicycle trail through the park. Hours: Open 7 am to sunset year-round.
1 - 6 of 6 Listings