Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Learn to Swim Program

Participants in the Town of Hempstead swimming lessons must be at least 16 years of age or older  to participate . Participants will be required to pay the daily admission rate for each visit to the park.  Residency will be checked on the first day of class.  No refunds. 

 Adults can have a maximum of 20 swimmers in each class.  Each class will be 45 minutes and there will be 6 classes per session. All classes will meet twice a week.

Summer Session 1 Information                                                                             

Summer Session 1 Information
Registration:Registration will be online at Registration Page beginning on Monday, June 13 , 2022 , at 9:00 AM and will end on Wednesday, June  15th, 2022 at 10:00 PM.       
Fees:(Does not include daily admission):
 Adults - $60 (Seniors/Veterans $30)
Program:June 27th to July 14th  ( 6 Classes in total) 

Summer Session 1 Adult Swim Schedule 2022 

Averill Pool

Echo Park Pool

Joint District South Pools ( Joint District Residents Only)

Newbridge Pool

Rath Park Pool ( Franklin Square Residents Only)

Veterans Pool