Age & Consent Requirements

Age Requirements

  • If either applicant is under 17 years of age, a marriage license cannot be issued.
  • If either applicant is 17 years of age, such applicant(s) must present the written consent of both parents and a Judge of the Nassau County Supreme Court or a Judge of the Nassau County Family Court.
  • If both applicants are 18 years of age or older, no consents are required.

Consent Requirements

One parent alone may consent to a minor's marriage if:

  • The other parent has been judged incompetent
  • The other parent has been missing for one year preceding the application
  • The other parent is deceased
  • The parents are divorced and the consenting parent was given sole custody of the child when the divorce decree was awarded

Parents, guardians, or other people consenting to the marriage of a minor must personally appear and acknowledge or execute their consent before the town or city clerk or some other authorized official. If the notarized affidavit is made before an official outside of the State of New York, it must be accompanied by a certificate of authentication when the consent is filed in New York State.