Marine Debris

Keep Our Seas Free of Debris Art Contest!

Supervisor Don Clavin and the Hempstead Town Board invite local artists to submit designs for a sea turtle sculpture donated by New York Marine Rescue Center that will displayed at Lido Town Park.  The winning artist will  receive a $500 stipend to complete their design and paint the 5-foot tall sculpture. 

Contest Theme 

The competition and sculpture will aim to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our waterways free of plastic and other debris to protect sea turtles and other local marine wildlife. Marine debris is defined as "any persistent or solid material that is manufactured or processed and directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, disposed of or abandoned into the marine environment” (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Marine debris poses a serious threat to local and migrating wildlife, public health, and marine navigation throughout the region. 

Entry Requirements

  1. Register to Participate in the Contest!  Registration not required, but registrants will receive any contest updates.  Artists must be Town of Hempstead residents to participate. 
  2. Submit a draft sketch/design of the artwork for the sea turtle sculpture on 8.5” x 11” paper. Any medium may be used for this submission.
  3. Fill out a Submission Form, which includes:
    1. A brief paragraph describing your design and vision for the sea turtle sculpture, and how it relates to the threats and impacts of marine debris.
    2. Describe the medium to be used on the sea turtle sculpture, and how it will last in an outdoor, salt-air environment.
    3. Create a hashtag for your design and the overall project, to help foster social media engagement.
  4. Submit a small portfolio of your artwork.  Portfolio can be digital scans, prints, and/or a link to an artist's website. 

Sculpture Specifications

  • The sea turtle shell is about 60 inches tall and is made of plaster (See slideshow below for photos).
  • Sculpture will be installed outdoors; medium selected must last in an outdoor, salt-air environment that will be open to the public.
  • The structure will be permanently installed by Town of Hempstead employees at Lido Town Park to educate the public about the impacts of marine debris on our local marine wildlife. 

Competition Award 

  • Artist will receive a $500 stipend to complete their design and paint the sculpture
  • Artist will be selected to paint the sculpture and receive credit for their artwork that will be displayed at Lido Town Park

Forms & Submission Details

  • Sketch/designs are due by Friday, June 2nd, 2023.
  • All applicants must fill out a Submission Form, and submit a small portfolio
  • Applicants may submit Designs, Submission Form, and Portfolio via:
    • Email: send a digital copy of your original sketch to
    • Mail or Drop-off:  1401 Lido Blvd. Point Lookout, NY 11569  Attn: Marine Debris Art Contest 
      • Mailed submissions must be postmarked by May 26th, 2023
      • Submissions may be dropped off during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM-4:45PM)
  • Designs will be rated on a scoring matrix by a panel of community judges
  • Please send any questions about the contest to 

Marine Debris OMNSA

Town of Hempstead Marine Debris Removal Program

The Town of Hempstead Conservation & Waterways Department removes nearly 700 tons of debris a year from our waterways. The department strives to keep our waterways clean and our channels free from Navigational Hazards. We do this with our Marine Debris Removal Program. This program assists residents with the removal of unwanted floating docks and ramps from their homes for a small fee as well as from local bays.

If you would like to report debris on the marsh or floating in the bay please contact the TOH Bay Constables at (516) 897-4100 to make a Complaint Report.

If you have a floating dock at your home and would like to remove it using our program please contact our maintenance yard at (516) 379-2828 to set up an inspection.   

You can also report a concern here

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