Rental Property Registration & Renewal

Purpose & Intent

According to Article II Rental Dwelling Units, Chapter 99-10:

  • The Town Board has determined that there exist in the Town of Hempstead serious conditions arising from the rental of dwelling units that are substandard or in violation of the Town Code, New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, and Building Zone Ordinance, that tends to overburden municipal services and to promote or encourage deterioration of the housing stock of the Town. The Board finds that new Code provisions will serve to halt the proliferation of such conditions and that the public health, safety, welfare, and good order and governance of the Town will be enhanced by enactment of the regulations set forth in this article.
  • The Town Board intends to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of residents within the jurisdictional limits of the Town of Hempstead exclusive of its incorporated villages by establishing a permitting system that will enhance the delivery of municipal services, such as sanitation and code enforcement services, and emergency services such as fire, water, and police services when such services are needed, and effectively aid in the maintenance of the peace and good order and a tool for the establishment of efficient planning.
  • The intent of this legislation is not to legalize the occupancy of any structure that predates the year 1930 or possesses a letter in lieu, nor is it an admission by the Town of Hempstead that said structures are legally occupied or habitable.
  • Nothing in this article shall be deemed to abolish, impair, supersede or replace existing remedies of the Town, county or state, or extinguish the requirements of any local law, rule, or statute of any agency having jurisdiction. In the case of a conflict between this article and other regulations, the more stringent requirement shall prevail.

Rental Property Registration Form

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Rental Property Renewal Form

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