Ice Skating

There's nothing quite like an invigorating outdoor exercise during the brisk winter months. Here in the Town of Hempstead, our residents particularly enjoy spending some of their leisure hours gliding across the frozen ponds, lakes, and/or man-made rinks that are just perfect for ice skating. This page is intended to point out the safest and best locations for you and your family to spend an hour, or the whole day, enjoying ice skating to its fullest, just minutes from your home.

Indoor Ice Rinks

Should the outdoor temperatures drop too low, don't forget to avail yourself of the two indoor rinks within our boundaries: the beautiful Newbridge Road Park Indoor Ice Rink in Bellmore, and the bubble-enclosed rink at the Freeport Recreation Center. Find more information about Indoor Ice Rinks in the Resource Directory.

Outdoor Ice Rinks

For those who know how to savor all the fun and excitement that life has to offer, not the least of these pleasures are those related to winter sports. Within Hempstead Town are several outdoor ponds that offer ice skaters winter wonderland scenes, as they glide about. Before converging upon any of the outdoor ponds, it would be wise to call and find if the ice is sufficiently frozen, the hours of operation, and if there are any residency requirements. Ice skating will be permitted only when it is determined that the ice is at least four inches thick, and is smooth and strong enough to support the weight of skaters. View more information for Outdoor Ice Rinks in the Resource Directory.

Please use the phone numbers listed to confirm schedules as well as the availability of safe skating. All outdoor rinks are open weather permitting.