Financial & Employment Assistance

  1. Social Security Administration
  2. Medicare
  3. Medicare Supplement Insurance
  4. Supplemental Security Income
  5. Go Direct
  6. Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC)
  7. Medicaid
  8. Home Energy Assistance Program
  9. Real Property Tax Exemptions
  10. Tax Preparation Assistance
  11. Medic Alert
  12. HempsteadWorks Career Center
  13. New York State Department of Labor / Community Service Employment Program
  14. Home Improvement Aid

Workers Benefits

 An individual, 65 years of age, who has worked a sufficient time under Social Security, is entitled to Social Security retirement benefits. Benefits may be applied for as early as age 62, but the monthly payments will be reduced. Write or telephone the local Social Security office for instructions concerning filing a claim at least three months before the age of 62 or 65. Individuals who are disabled before age 65 may apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Spouse Benefits

The spouse of a person receiving Social Security benefits is entitled to benefits even if he or she has never worked. An application can be made as early as age 62, but the monthly payments will be reduced.

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