Charter & Party Boats

Charter Boats


View the list of all charter boats available from Freeport.

  • Atlantic
  • Atlantic Pearl
  • Captain Pete
  • Captain Lou Fleet
  • Fantasy III
  • Freeport Boatmen's Association
  • Freeport Gem
  • Freeport Water Taxi and Tours
  • Mama Lou's Accursia
  • My Bonni IV
  • Sorry Charlie
  • Star Stream VIII

Point Lookout

Find a list of all charter boats from Point Lookout.

  • Captain Al
  • Super Hawk

Party Boats

Freeport / Woodcleft Canal

  • Capitol Princess
  • Captain Lou Fleet (Star Stream VII and VIII, Atlantic Pearl, Mama Lou's Accursia, Sapphire Princess)
  • Freeport Boatman's Association
  • Freeport Water Taxi

Point Lookout / Bayside Drive

  • Captain Al
  • Super Hawk

Rental Boats

Point Lookout / Bayside Drive

  • Ted's Fishing Station