Physical Fitness Screening Test

  1. Physical Fitness Screening Test for Public Safety Officer
  2. Physical Fitness Screening Test for Bay Constable

In order to qualify for the position of Public Safety Officer, candidates are required to pass the Physical Fitness Screening Test. The components of the test and the criteria for successful completion are listed. Candidates should review and be familiar with the protocols and qualifying criteria before the test date.

The Physical Fitness Screening Test is an individual performance test composed of the following test items:

  • Strength:
    • Weight Pick-Up - The candidate will lift a fifty-pound solid weight, holding it at waist height, and placing it on the ground. This section is scored on a Pass/Fail basis, and the candidate must pass this section in order to continue on with the rest of the test.
    • Sit-Ups - The candidate will begin by lying on his or her back in a bent leg position (less than 90 degrees), with fingers interlaced behind the head. The candidate will raise his or her upper body so that the elbows touch the knees, and then lower back down to the starting position. Failure to sit fully upright, keep fingers interlaced behind the head, or keep hips down on the mat, will result in that repetition not being counted. The score is based on the number of sit-ups completed in one minute.
  • Agility:
    • Sidestep - Starting from a center line, the candidate sidesteps alternately first left, then right across two outside lines eight feet apart. The score is based upon the number of lines crossed in fifteen seconds
  • Speed:
    • The "90 Yard Dash" - The candidate will run three laps around two markers. The score is based on the candidate's time to complete the run rounded to the nearest half-second.
  • Endurance:
    • Stair Climb - The candidate will climb up and down a standard four flights of stairs, including stair landings. The score is based on the candidate's time to complete the climb rounded to the nearest second.
    • ¼ Mile Walk - The candidate will complete a quarter-mile walk in less than six minutes. The score is based on the candidate's time to complete the walk.

Scoring the Physical Fitness Screening Test

Achievement Score
Strength (Sit-Ups)

Endurance (Walk
Endurance (Stair Climb)
Total Physical Fitness Score
Final Weighted Score
1027 plus42 plus17.5Less than 2:5960 seconds5010
925 to 2638 to 4118 to 19.53 to 3:1961 to 8045 to 499
82 to 2434 to 3720.0 to 20.53:20 to 3:3981 to 10040 to 448
72130 to 3321.5 to 22.53:40 to 3:59101 to 12035 to 397
62026 to 2923.0 to 24.54 to 4:19121 to 14030 to 346
518 to 1922 to 2525.0 to 25.54:20 to 4:39141 to 16025 to 295
41718 to 2126.0 to 26.54:40 to 4:59161 to 18020 to 244
315 to 1614 to 1727.0 to 28.05 to 5:19181 to 20015 to 193
213 to 1410 to 1328.5 to 29.55:20 to 5:39201 to 22010 to 142
110 to 126 to 930.0 to 31.05:40 to 5:59221 to 2405 to 91
00 to 90 to 532.0 plus6 plus240 pus0 to 40

The candidate's individual scores from the Strength, Agility, Speed and Endurance sections will be combined for a Total Physical Fitness Score based on the sum of the individual achievement scores from each section of the test. The candidate will then be given a Final Weighted Score that correlates with his/her Total Physical Fitness Score. The candidate must pass the "Weight Pick-Up" in the Strength section of the test, and achieve a minimum Final Weighted Score of four in order to successfully complete the Physical Fitness Screening Test. (Note: It is not necessary to reach the minimum satisfactory achievement level of four for each test item, but all candidates must achieve a Final Weighted Score of four or better to qualify.)

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