Examination Announcements

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Current Examinations - Open to the Public

Exam DateExam NumberExam TitleApplication DeadlineStudy Guide
November 5, 202262-790Animal Control Officer (PDF)September 27, 2022No
November 5, 202267-389Information Specialist I (PDF)September 27, 2022
November 5, 202260-729Information Specialist II (PDF)September 27, 2022
October 22, 202261-092Employee Assistance Program Counselor (PDF)
September 14, 2022No
October 1, 202267-354Planner II (PDF)August 23, 2022No
October 1, 202262-426Planner Supervisor (PDF)August 23, 2022No
September 24, 2022DC-82Water Plant Operator Trainee (PDF)August 2, 2022Yes
May 14, 202266-891Automotive Shop Supervisor (PDF)April 12, 2022No
March 31, 202221812Personal Computer Support Specialist Trainee (PDF)February 23, 2022No
March 5, 2022
67-328Planner Aide (PDF)January 11, 2022
March 5, 2022
67-711Tax Clerk I (PDF)
January 11, 2022
March 5, 202263-799Tax Clerk II (PDF)January 11, 2022No
February 19, 202260-791Rehabilitation Cost Analyst (PDF)December 17, 2021No
December 31, 202121741Programmer Trainee (PDF)November 10, 2021No 
December 11, 202162-611Accountant III (PDF)November 1, 2021No
November 6, 202169-333Treatment Referral Specialist (PDF)September 16, 2021


October 16, 202164-241Assistant Director of Traffic Control (Operations and Maintenance) (PDF)September 7, 2021No
October 16, 202164-229Director of Traffic Control (PDF)September 7, 2021No
August 7, 202161-974Public Safety Officer I (PDF)July 19, 2021Yes
June 5, 202167-276Licensing Inspector (PDF)April 27, 2021Yes

Residency Requirements for Open to Public Examinations: Unless otherwise specified, all candidates must be a resident of the Town of Hempstead for at least four months immediately preceding the date of the examination (proof may be required).

Current Examinations - Open to Employees

Exam DateExam NumberExam TitleApplication DeadlineStudy Guide
November 5, 202270-822Information Specialist II (PDF)September 27, 2022No
October 1, 202271-105Planner I (PDF)August 23, 2022No
May 14, 202275-164Administrative Assistant (PDF)April 12, 2022
May 14, 202273-783Automotive Shop Supervisor (PDF)April 12, 2022No
May 14, 202275-794Clerk III (PDF)April 12, 2022
May 14, 202276-942Tax Clerk III (PDF)April 12, 2022
April 30, 202273-347Administrative Officer I (PDF)
March 29, 2022No
March 5, 202275-131Tax Clerk II (PDF)January 11, 2022No
December 11, 202173-577Auditor I (PDF)  November 1, 2021No
December 11, 202172-708Accountant III (PDF)November 1, 2021No
October 16, 202176-029Personnel Clerk (PDF)September 7, 2021No
October 16, 202170-407Senior Personnel Clerk (PDF)September 7, 2021No
August 7, 202176-413Public Safety Officer IV (PDF)July 19, 2021Yes
August 7, 202176-410Public Safety Officer III (PDF)July 19, 2021Yes
August 7, 202176-399Public Safety Officer II (PDF)July 19, 2021Yes
August 7, 202176-397Public Safety Officer I (PDF)July 19, 2021Yes

Rescheduling of Examinations

In case of severe weather conditions, it may be necessary to reschedule the exams. 

In the case of rescheduling, you will be notified by email and/or mail of the date the examination/s will be scheduled. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact this office prior to the examination date. For information about examination cancellations, you may refer to one of the following on the morning of the exam:

  • Cablevision Channel 12 Local News
  • Radio Announcements are made on WBZO 103.1 MAX FM, Long Island's K-98.3 FM, and WHLI at 11 am or you can check those radio station's websites:
  • Call the Town of Hempstead Public Safety Department at 516-538-1900 (after 7 am)