Child Safety Program

The Child Safety Program is a comprehensive Identification Program the Town Clerk's Office has administered to protect and safeguard the Town of Hempstead's most valuable asset, our children.


This program is extremely unique in that the Town Clerk's employees actually take the fingerprints and photographs of the children and both are memorialized in a "Kit" free of charge. It must be noted that there are no privacy concerns, as the completed kit is provided to the child's family and no record of the fingerprints/photographs are retained by the Town of Hempstead.

How to Access This Service

The Town Clerk also uses the Town of Hempstead Mobile Town Hall (Recreation Vehicle), making this service more convenient and easily accessible to every resident and community throughout the Town of Hempstead.

This program has been very successful in servicing hundreds of schools, churches, clubs, teams, and organizations. Well over 80,000 children have utilized the Child Safety Identification Program to date.

To have the Town Clerk's Office come to your school, church, or organization or to receive additional information, please call 516-812-3046.