Mission & Users Guide


  • To collect, arrange, and describe the records of the Town of Hempstead.
  • To maintain and preserve these records.
  • To facilitate the efficient functioning of the Town by the retrieval of needed information.
  • To serve as a resource for teaching the care and use of historical documentation.
  • To encourage the use of archival resources by the Hempstead community.
  • To promote the knowledge and study of Hempstead's history, programs, and goals.
  • To encourage the systematic maintenance of the Town's records.

Placement & Structure

  • All non-current records generated by the Town of Hempstead may be deposited in the Archives by first consulting the Town Historian.
  • The Town Historian shall report to the Town Clerk.
  • The Historian has the authority to negotiate the transfer to the Archives of records from all sectors of the Town, to accept custody of Town records or papers from other sources, and to dispose of such material that is not germane to the mission of the Archives.

Collection Policy

  • The Historian may collect: 1. Records reflective of all Administrative departments and agencies relating to the operation of the Town.
    • Records reflective of all Administrative departments and agencies relating to the operation of the Town.
    • Print materials issued by or related to the Town.
    • Security copies of microfilm made under the purview of the Town Clerk's Office.
  • Limits on Collection
    • The Historian may refuse to accept records that are not germane to the mission of the Archives.
    • No tax appraisals will be made by the Historian or the staff of the Archives.

Access to the Archives

  • Unrestricted archival material shall be available on equal terms to researchers who abide by the regulations of the Archives.
  • Access to unpublished records or papers may be restricted by the originating office or donor.
  • Only the issuing office or donor may grant access to restricted materials (in writing) unless this power has been transferred to the Historian and the instrument of transfer is maintained by the Town Archives.


  • Archival material shall be used in the supervised reading area only.
  • All user's will complete an Archives User Form provided by the Archives staff. This form will be retained in the files in the event of theft, or for purposes.
  • Archival materials will be provided for the researcher, as well as reshelved, by the Archives staff.
  • Users must wear gloves (provided by the Archives) and write with pencils while examining archival material.
  • Users of unpublished, as well as published documentation will be asked to sign the copyright statement on the Archives User Form.

Service to the Community

  • The Town Historian will maintain such finding aids, guides, or indexes as needed to facilitate the retrieval of processed records for research.
  • The Archives staff will answer questions, as far as archival holding will permit, on the history of the Town, the development of its policies, or, will help guide inquirers to the relevant documentation.
  • The Archives staff will provide copies of specified documents for a Town office or the office of origin.
  • The Archives may be used as an educational facility under the supervision of the Historian, where individuals can learn about subjects that were relevant to Hempstead's history and development.
  • The Archives will distribute periodic information about the history of Hempstead through release of printed booklets, articles, press releases, lectures, videotapes, or interviews.
  • The Historian will solicit and facilitate the contribution and transfer of papers and records to the Archives.