Block Party


There is no fee to obtain a block party permit and this type of activity is not covered by town ordinance.

Closing of the Street

The permit specifically allows for the closing of a street for a specific amount of time. In all cases, personal vehicles are prohibited from using the street. Applicants must obtain signatures of every resident on the street(s) to be closed, whether in favor or opposed. A majority of the residents must be in favor to grant the permit. 


Applications must be signed by a local fire department and police department and returned to the Town of Hempstead twenty days prior to the block party. At no time can any vehicle block access to the street. Safety-scene tape, construction cones, or removable barricades may only be used to block off the end of the street. The roadway must have a lane free of obstruction to allow emergency vehicles to access the entire block. Bicycle riding is prohibited within the confines of the block party. The individual requesting a block party permit is responsible for ensuring that the conditions are met.