Tax Information

Where Your Tax Dollars GoGraph Depicting Where Tax Money Goes

The Town of Hempstead provides many of your local government services, excepting public education and police protection, while comprising only 8¢ of every property tax dollar for our homeowners. Those who live in incorporated villages pay less than 1¢ of their tax dollar to our township.

School Taxes

Although School Taxes are collected by the Receiver of Taxes, payments are forwarded to the local school district and if applicable, the local library district without charge to those taxing districts. School tax payments are forwarded to your local school district and do not fund the operation of the town government. School district residency is determined by the New York State Education Law. Disputes about residency must be resolved with the School Districts or the State Commissioner of Education. The Town has no jurisdiction in these matters.

Two factors determine the size of this bill, both of which are beyond the control of the Town of Hempstead. They are:

  • The assessment on your home, which is determined by Nassau County, and
  • The budget adopted by your local Board of Education

If you have any questions about the school budget, please contact your local school district.

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General Taxes

General Town Taxes include all Town and County taxes and any special district taxes (ie. sanitation districts, fire districts, etc.).

Village Taxes

If you reside in an incorporated village, those taxes are collected by the individual villages. If you have any questions about your village taxes, please contact your local village for information.

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Tax Discount

If you pay both the first and second half school taxes on or before November 10; or the first and second half general tax on or before February 10, you may deduct a 1% discount on the second-half tax. The discounted amount to pay can be found underneath the total tax box on your bill(s).