2016 Triathlon Results

The following are the official overall results of the 32nd Annual Town of Hempstead Triathlon held on September 10, 2016.

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1Eric Juergens1 Top Finisher1:7:38.69Male
2Samuel Fox2 Top Finisher1:9:56.57Male
3Andrew Smith3 Top Finisher1:14:08.29Male
4Brian Crowley4 Top Finisher1:15:05.92Male
5Karen Pompay1 Top Finisher1:15:30.04Female
6Richard Picinich5 Top Finisher1:17:15.91Male
7Matthew McLaughlin30 to 341:18:23.96Male
8Erin Lusenskas2 Top Finisher1:19:45.36Female
9Thomas Herbert50 to 541:20:20.80Male
10Clare Carroll3 Top Finisher1:20:37.75Female
11Patti Thorp4 Top Finisher1:20:54.53Female
12Billy Michael Ospina35 to 391:21:08.66Male
13Vladimir Aronsky40 to 441:21:58.62Male
14Graham Wilcock45 to 491:22:03.97Male
15Frank McVeigh50 to 541:23.32Male
16Siu Lam35 to 391:24:43.89Male
17Donal Holland35 to 391:24:48.90Male
18Robert Kalish55 to 591:25:40.72Male
19Andrew Fund25 to 291:25:59.40Male
20Christine Grippo5 Top Finisher1:26:04.55Female
21Richard Rogers35 to 391:26:18.15Male
22Lesli Hiller50 to 541:26:27.04Female
23Kelly Pickard55 to 591:27:25.90Female
24Zachary Lowenstein25 to 291:28:04.15Male
25Robert Dealy45 to 491:28:06.52Male
26Anne Silverman50 to 541:28:24.19Female
27Patrick Ruddick18 to 241:29:04.88Male
28Kevin Daley18 to 241:29:06.65Male
29Audrey Emaus30 to 341:29:14Female
30William Kupferman35 to 391:29:49.18Male
31Michael Gewirtz55 to 591:30:06.46Male
32Joshua Bosley35 to 391:30:27.02Male
33David Flomenhaft55 to 591:30:33.09Male
34Stephen Intrabartola25 to 291:30:59.91Male
35James Conway50 to 541:31:29.21Male
36Harrison Weitz18 to 241:32:38.83Male
37Jerry Ambroise50 to 541:33:01.60Male
38Bob Otto60 to 641:33:09.90Male
39Shaun Charkowick18 to 241:33:20.04Male
40David Koyles50 to 541:33:39.30Male
41Dianne Finisherneran50 to 541:33:42.44Female
42Jose Luis Rodriguez18 to 241:34:52.46Male
43Richard Barkan50 to 541:34:55.09Male
44Jamie Fishlow55 to 591:36:24.58Male
45Peter Reisert45 to 491:36:31.08Male
46Kathleen Leninger25 to 291:36:53.14Female
47Karen Conkling50 to 541:36:58.39Female
48Amy Regis40 to 441:37:09.27Female
49Ronald Darress60 to 641:37:36.84Male
50Lada Lysniak45 to 491:37:39.23Female