The Town of Hempstead now offers taxpayers the option of having their property tax bills delivered electronically via email, instead of through the U.S. Mail. Tax bills are issued twice a year, once in January for the General Tax Bill, and once in October for the School Tax Bill. Taxpayers have the option to continue receiving paper tax bills in addition to receiving e-Bills. To enroll, visit the Receiver of Taxes Payment Center and follow the Register for E-Billing link.

Sign-up Instructions

First, you need to create a user account (select a username and password) and provide us with your contact information. Next, look up your property using the General or School Tax lookup. Enter the Tax Bill Number from a recent tax bill, or if you do not have your bill number available, you can search for your property by entering the Property Description (School District, Section, Block, and Lot Numbers). Building and unit fields are used for condominium and cooperative apartments only. Select "Find Account" to search for your property. Once you verify the search result is correct, you may save the property to your user account by clicking "Associate Account."

Now that your property has been associated with your account, you may opt into e-Billing. To proceed, select the "My Account" link. On the My Account page, select "Yes" to opt into "E-Billing" for your parcel. You may also choose to go paperless by selecting "Yes" and "Paperless."

On the "My Account" page, you may also view your tax bills, disassociate a property from your user account, or make a payment by credit card or e-check. This page will also display the history of payments made online.