Osprey Nest Cam


Many years ago, in an effort to educate the Marine Nature Study Area visitors about Osprey, our Department erected a mockup of an Osprey platform.  This platform was intended to serve as an educational aid to visitors and students on the design and importance of such structures and the role they played in the re-establishment of the Osprey population.  Due to the closeness to an active pathway, we did not expect it to attract a nesting pair... little did we know!

Osprey arrive back to Long Island from their annual migration in March and begin nesting in the early part of April.  Their chicks usually hatch in the middle of May, and begin to learn to fly and leave the nest in early to mid-July.  Visit the NYS DEC website to learn more about Osprey.

2023 Season Update

Our male Osprey, born in 2015 in East Rockaway, returned to the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside on 3/10/2023. His new mate from last year, dubbed “Blondie” due to her paler coloration, arrived back to the nest on 3/17. Together they prepped their platform and she laid her first egg on 4/13, then two more on 4/15, and 4/19. Start watching the cam regularly on 05/21 to catch the beginning of chicks hatching! 

Egg Dates: 1st egg - 4/13, 2nd egg - 4/15/2023, 3rd egg - 4/19/2023

Estimated Hatch Date: 5/21/2023

You can check out photos from our Osprey Album and some video clips on our YouTube Channel!

Osprey Nest Cam Live Stream

Osprey in Nest
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