Clean Energy Initiatives

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Hempstead Town has prioritized renewable energy and sustainability initiatives and has demonstrated this commitment through action by completing a number of progressive clean energy projects that utilize solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, battery storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and more.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles 

Hydrogen Fuel Station

The goal of Hempstead Town's hydrogen fueling station project is to demonstrate the generation of hydrogen and a blend of hydrogen and natural gas (HCNG), and the use of these fuels in motor vehicles.  Located at the Department of Conservation and Waterways in Point Lookout, it is the first hydrogen fueling station on Long Island. 

Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In 2012 the town established two state-of-the-art solar charging stations in Point Lookout. The 14K system, which was funded through Department of Energy grant monies, includes three car charging ports and associated solar canopies. Each port can power two electric-powered vehicles at 240V, or Level 2, charging. The three charging stations located in the East Marina in Point Lookout are open to the public, are free of charge, and can accommodate six vehicles. An additional solar car charging port, located within the town's Clean Energy Park adjacent to the Conservation and Waterways Administration Building, is utilized by the town for its small fleet of plug-in electric vehicles. 

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Projects

Wind Energy 

The Town of Hempstead has installed two wind turbines, a small 2.4 kW wind turbine, and a larger 100 kW wind turbine, both of which have exceeded expected performance, demonstrating an excellent wind resource on the south shore of Hempstead Town. 

Solar Energy

The Town has installed a total of 262 kW across various Town facilities.  These photovoltaic arrays include a variety of technology demonstrations including dual and single axis trackers, bifacials, ground mounted, canopy, and carport mounted arrays, and more traditional roof mounted arrays. 


In 2012, the Department of Conservation and Waterways installed two geothermal ground source heat pumps at two separate facilities in Point Lookout, NY, which provides heating and cooling of those facilities. 

Energy Efficiency

The Town of Hempstead has implemented a number of building energy efficiency projects across our facilities, and has performed a complete retrofit of all street lighting with LED technology, resulting in almost cutting the Town's electric bill in half. 

Unique Project Applications of Renewable Energy Technologies 

Solar and Wind Powered Shellfish & Kelp Aquaculture Hatchery

The solar and wind powered shellfish nursery is an innovative project designed to utilize alternative energy to grow clams, an activity beneficial to both the ecosystem and the local shellfish industry.  The shellfish project will significantly improve Hempstead's clam beds, reduce costs through clean energy efficiency and help sustain the livelihood of Long Island fisheries. The nursery is expected to increase production to eight million hard clams per year.                           .     

Net Zero Energy Solar House

The solar house, a self-relying "green" energy house procured from NYIT after its entrance in the 2007 Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon, delivers on the promise of sustainable living through a design that is adaptable, smart and incorporates intelligent technology and creative engineering. It will be a working administrative office for the Town of Hempstead's Conservation and Waterways Department as well as a showcase of the potential that alternative energy has. The solar house will also be used for tours and educational programs. 


Climate Smart Community - Bronze Certified

In 2020, The Town of Hempstead was awarded Bronze Certification from the New York State Department of Conservation's Climate Smart Communities program, a rigorous and challenging programs for municipalities to achieve a large range of goals and projects related to shifting to renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency technologies, climate-smart materials management, resiliency and land use, community outreach, and more. 

Clean Energy Community

In 2016, the Town of Hempstead achieved Clean Energy Community status as a part of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) program, focused on a range of High Impact Action, including Clean Energy Upgrades, Clean Fleets, Unified Solar Permits, Energy Code Enforcement Training, LED Street Lighting, Facility Benchmarking, and more.