Operation SPLASH


Operation Stop Polluting Littering And Save Harbors (SPLASH), a volunteer non-profit organization chartered by the Town of Hempstead, provides a solution to the growing problem of waterfront pollution through public awareness and individual participation.  This volunteer organization is committed to improving the quality of life on Long Island’s shores. Their mission is to “Bring Back The Bays through Clean-ups, Advocacy, and Education”. SPLASH boats go out on patrol daily and remove trash and debris from local waterways and shorelines.

The SPLASH boat, which is docked at the Town of Hempstead's Guy Lombardo Marina in Freeport, goes out on patrol at least once daily and removes debris from the local waterways and shorelines. SPLASH has hundreds of active members who are dedicated to keeping our coastal waterways pollution-free, allowing marine life to thrive in the bays once again. To volunteer with Operation SPLASH please visit their website or call 516-378-4770.