To maintain the beauty of Greenfield, the planting of plants ad shrubs is permitted within the following guidelines:

  • Any and all planting must be approved by the Greenfield administration staff prior to installation.
  • A limit of two shrubs will be permitted on any one lot, and if a monument is erected on the lot, the shrub must be placed on either side of the monument or of the space allocated for the installation of a monument.
  • Boarders, hedges, or any type of shrub or flower around any grave or lot and the planting of ivy, barberry, or rose bushes are not allowed in the Greenfield.
  • Greenfield reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, or plant situated in any grave or lot which, by reason of its roots, branches, size, physical location, or otherwise, is deemed by the Director to be detrimental to any adjacent grave or lot, avenue or walk, or which is unsightly, dangerous or inconvenient to pedestrians.
  • In section 26-A of Greenfield Cemetery, no planting or artificial flowers of any type are permitted. Only fresh-cut flowers, placed in a vase at ground level in the back of the marker will be permitted. Glass containers and vigil lights will not be allowed and if found on the grave, contrary to regulations, they will be removed immediately.
  • The placing or installation of signs, boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, wood or iron crosses, and similar articles upon or within graves or lots is prohibited, and the director may order the removal of any said articles. Vigil lights are permitted, subject, however, to the owner's risk of damage or loss.