Bicycle Safety

Residents in the Town of Hempstead love to ride their bicycles. Nice weather draws bicyclists to make use of the more than 1,200 miles of town roadways. With ever-increasing bicycle traffic, it becomes imperative that motorists and cyclists obey all traffic regulations as they share the road.

Since 1994, it is required by law that all bicyclists 14 years of age and younger wear an approved bicycle helmet. While it is not a law for those over 14, it is certainly recommended for everyone who rides a bike. This brochure contains rules and regulations intended to help you and your family practice bicycle safety.

It's important for bicycle enthusiasts to be fully aware of all precautionary measures necessary to cycle safely. Following these simple guidelines makes biking fun and safe sport for all to enjoy.

  1. Bicycling Rules
  2. Be Safe
  3. Bicycle Safety Presentations
  4. Dressing & Riding Right
  5. Lock Your Bike
  6. Maintain Your Bike
  7. Select the Right Bike
  • Obey Traffic Regulations - Bike riders are to obey the same traffic signs and local regulations as motor vehicles.
  • Keep to the Right - Always ride with traffic, keeping in a single file.
  • Making Signals - Signal before you turn or stop, letting motor vehicles, as well as pedestrians, know your intentions.
  • Ride Defensively - Anticipate others' mistakes. Leave time and room for evasive action. You are vulnerable on a bike. You have nothing to protect you if you have an accident. Always yield to cars and pedestrians.
  • Use Caution At Intersections - Most accidents happen at intersections. Stop your bike, look and listen for cars before you proceed.
  • Beware Of Parked Cars - A car may suddenly pull out in front of you or a door might open forcing you to pull out into traffic.
  • Use Common Sense - Do not show off, weave or race in traffic. Use caution when pulling out from in between parked cars, driveways, alleys, or entering into traffic. Attempt to make eye contact with the driver or the pedestrian.
  • Road Hazards - Be alert for anything that may cause you to have an accident. Watch out for potholes, gravel, rocks, cans, etc. Be careful of animals, as they may run into your path or chase after you.
  • Confidence - Knowledge and experience prepare you to react to danger. Practice to build your skills and confidence.