Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) Projects

  1. Bay Park Roadside Improvements
  2. Baldwin Shoreline Stabilization
  3. East Baldwin Road Drainage and Raising
  4. Bellmore-Wantagh Drainage
  5. Inwood Drainage
  6. Island Park Drainage
  7. Meadowbrook Green Infrastructure
  8. Meadowmere Bridge Reconstruction
  9. Merrick Drainage
  10. Mill River Greenway
  11. Oceanside Drainage
  12. Oceanside Storm Water Drainage
  13. Oceanside Road  Raising  & Drainage Improvements
  14. Oceanside Stormwater Drainage Improvements
  15. Point Lookout Shoreline
  16. Seaford Drainage and Roadway Improvements
  17. Seaford Drainage & Road Raise
  18. Woodmere Drainage

Bay Park Roadside Improvements

Roadway Grade Raise and Storm Water Drainage Improvements for East Boulevard, West Boulevard, and North Boulevard Areas located in Bay Park. NY.  Part of "Living with the Bay": A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery

Project Scope

Roadway grade raise and stormwater drainage improvements to include:

  • Upgrades to existing stormwater drainage infrastructure components (new catch basins, manholes, pipe; new yard drains, and new tidal check valves).
  • Grade raise and resurfacing of existing roadways. New concrete curbing and gutters. New Concrete Handicap Ramps for sidewalk areas. Raising and Reconstruction of existing asphalt roadway pavement.
  • Restoration of adjacent features within the Town Right-of-Way (Drives, Aprons, Walks, Grass Areas, Sprinklers, etc.)

Project Description

The improvements will include the raising and resurfacing of West Boulevard, East Boulevard, and a section of North Boulevard that includes a portion at Rhame Avenue. The eastern and western portions of the following side streets are included: Cooke, Dewey, Sampson, Sperry, Evans, Hudson, Fulton, Martin, Court, and East Bayview Streets.

The Project will help mitigate the effects of tidal and stormwater inundation through road raising, roadway re-grading, the installation of new tidal check valves, new bio-retention basins (bio-swales), and new permeable asphalt roadway pavement.

Roadway improvements will include milling and repaving of the roadway surfaces, along with the reconstruction of concrete gutters to improve surface drainage. Areas adjacent to the roadways will be restored.

To mitigate the condition of tidal water entering the stormwater drainage system, a total of seventeen inline check valves will be installed in outfall pipes.

To increase resiliency, two bio-retention basins (bio-swales) will be installed at the ends of West Evans Street and Court Street West. Each basin would be approximately 3,200 square feet in size. The basins are expected to improve the quality of stormwater runoff by allowing the water to percolate through vegetation and then infiltrate into existing groundwater, or nearby waterways. The bio-retention basins will have the added aesthetic benefit of being planted with attractive native species of small trees, shrubs, and grasses that form a natural and shallow "rain garden".

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