Swift911 Emergency Notification

The Swift911 Emergency Notification System provides the town with a mechanism to rapidly deliver a recorded notification via telephone, email, or text message to targeted homes and businesses in the event that an emergency takes place within the town's jurisdiction. Such situations may include water main breaks, flooding, terrorist threats, hazardous materials emergencies, weather emergencies, or natural disasters. Non-emergency contact may be made in the event of town Water Department pipe flushing, as temporary pressure variations and discoloration may occur.

Contact Information

Contact information in the Swift911 notification database is based on phone directories and other publicly available sources. Any calls you receive will have the Caller ID of "Town of Hempstead." The town's emergency notification system is not intended to inform residents of problems/emergencies related to other governmental jurisdictions (ie. independent water districts/companies, independent sanitary districts, village government operations, fire districts, county government, etc.). Those who do not wish to participate in this service may remove their number from the notification database at any time.

Additional Points of Contact

If your telephone number is not published or if you wish to be contacted by alternate means (cell phone, email, or text message), you can add additional points of contact via the Swift911 Portal below. To do so, you must first register by providing your email address and creating a password. There are no fees for registration. 

Only include those telephone numbers (home, cell, business), text/SMS number and service provider, and email address at which you wish to be contacted should an emergency notification take place. The town will attempt to contact you at each of the contacts provided in the event of an emergency notification.


To unsubscribe from future notifications, select the type of notification you wish to unsubscribe from (Phone Calls, Emails, or Text Messages) at the bottom of the Swift911 Portal below. Enter the information you wish to have removed from the database and confirm by entering it a second time. You will then receive a 4-digit confirmation code via phone call, text message, or Email. To complete the opt-out process, you will be required to enter the confirmation code on the next screen. This confirmation process is required to prevent fraudulent opt-out requests.