Building Zone Ordinance

General CodeThe online version of the Town of Hempstead Building Zone Ordinance is maintained by General Code Publishers.

Changes to the Building Zone Ordinance

In June 2007, the Hempstead Town Board passed resolutions that significantly changed zoning requirements for one and two-family dwellings. These changes became effective September 1, 2007.

Any application that did not obtain a building permit and begin substantial construction by this date are subject to the new regulations. Substantial construction as interpreted by the Building Department would include but not be limited by the following examples:

  • Completion of footings and foundation, or
  • Completion of rough framing on second story additions

Applicants filing to maintain existing construction, and applicants who obtain permits after the effective date will be subject to the new regulations.

For further information, contact a Plan Examiner.

Proposed New Zoning Chapter XLI - Regional Shopping Malls