Baldwin Revitalization Project


The kick-off meeting was held on August 30, 2018, at Baldwin High School to present the proposed "Overlay District" and the schedule of the next steps for the Grand Avenue Corridor. The Town proposed the creation of a zoning overlay district to encourage investment and redevelopment within the Corridor. An overlay zone is a zoning district that is applied over one or more previously established zoning districts, establishing additional or stricter standards and criteria for covered properties in addition to those of the underlying zoning district. Communities often use overlay zones to promote specific development projects, such as mixed-used developments and transit-oriented development along transit corridors. The documents presented at this meeting are below.

On January 10, 2019, the Town held a second public meeting, in a charrette format, to update the community on the development of the overlay district, and to open up for discussion and public comment review of suggested densities, design guidelines, community improvements, and potential project financing. The Fact Sheet and map from that meeting are provided below, as well as presentations from the various project stations. Station five was presented by the County and station seven was for comments, You will find an anticipated project timeline on the cover of the Fact Sheet.

Overlay District Documents

Baldwin Restore New York Awards Round IV & V

The Baldwin Redevelopment project has been the recipient of State funding under the "Restore NY Program" in Rounds IV and V. These funds are for site-specific reimbursement of demolition and reconstruction costs. The Town is the State's grantee and property owners or developers wishing to use these funds will be sub-grantees to the Town. Below are Term Sheets detailing the eligible sites and uses of funds.

Restore New York Awards Documents

Baldwin Revitalization Project Documents